Instead of just another day to sleep in and not go to school, I was thinking about how to tell my boys about what today. Our U.S. President’s have done many great things and are great men to look up to. Sure, we don’t agree with all the politics and viewpoints of every President. Despite our political leanings or feelings, the Bible calls us to honor our leaders, not just the ones we agree with. Paul writes to Timothy (2:1-2) and says to pray for “…kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” And again in Romans, “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.” (13:1)

Some know today (the third Monday in February) as President’s Day. Other’s celebrate Washington’s Birthday. Here in Oklahoma, it is recognized as President’s Day. No matter what your state recognizes, it’s a day to reflect on the great things our Presidents have done.

The President of the United States is a leadership position I have no desire to hold. The politics, stress, the decisions, publicity, and many other aspects make it something I don’t wish to achieve. But the men who have held that office have set out to do the best for our country. There are a couple quick things that come to mind when I look at the President, things I can learn and apply to my life:

  1. Work hard and know where I want to go. It takes a lifelong effort to be successful and get to a place where you can be elected President. It doesn’t happen by accident and those that reach the office have set out to do it.
  2. Be great in the moment. Life is filled with moments and our decisions must reflect the moment we are in. The President understands how to make the most of each moment. Political landscapes, worldwide conflicts, and natural disasters change from moment to moment. The President is the person who leads our country’s approach and must know how to deal with each situation.
  3. Know when and be willing to compromise. Presidents have ideals, values, platforms, and agendas. Legislators, political parties, and other nations have the same things. They don’t always match up. Compromise comes at a price but must be done to make sure all sides get what is best for each situation.

I will remember the great things our Presidents have done. I’ll seek to be a good citizen of the Unites States and I’ll try to pass along these things to my children. Remember today isn’t just another day off school or work. Spend a few minutes reflecting on these things and honoring the Presidents who have led our country.

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