Chip and Dan Heath knock it out of the park again with this one.

Do you wonder why you have so many fond memories and glimpses of great times with friends and family? Or why that one restaurant will always be your favorite because of the way the wait staff treated you? The Heath brothers set out to figure out “Why certain experiences have extraordinary impact.”

Experiencing positive moments is not all science, but Chip and Dan researched and came up with the four dominating traits of great memories. The four elements they define in the book are elevation, insight, pride, and connection. Each element gets a full rundown with stories, research, examples, and activities. Examples come from business, family, sports, education, and more.

The book’s category is listed as Business and Economics. Although you could apply the lessons to these areas, it really is not a personal development, business, education, or leadership book. Moments can be defined and powerful for all areas of your life. I’ve thought of ways to apply the book as a husband, father, manager, teacher, friend, and neighbor. This book is perfect if you want people to remember an experience.


“Familiarity and memorability are often at odds.”

“If we want more moments of connection, we need to be more responsive to others.”

“If risks always paid off, they wouldn’t be risks.”

Mentoring: “(High standards + assurance) + (direction + support) = Enhanced self-insight”

“You can’t appreciate the solution until you appreciate the problem.”

Bottom Line: A good book for any industry or personal endeavor.

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