Well, timing may not be everything, but it is vitally important in almost all areas of life. Without the right timing even the best skill and opportunity will be wasted. I was watching the Royals play baseball this evening with my Grandma as this thought passed through my mind. The camera was focusing on the manager sitting in the dugout and not the players on the field. The thoughtful look on his face was one of timing, among 35 other things I’m sure. The lead had gone from 4 runs to just 2, and the pitcher needed relief. But was it too soon? Or if he pulls the trigger too late could he give up the tying run or lose the game?

Timing your goals and decisions in life can be just as taxing on your mind and spirit as it is for baseball coaches. There are rarely opportunities to go back and change a decision so the right decision at the right time is crucial. I believe most decisions that are relative to your goals are not irreversible but many times missing the best timing or returning to a decision means added cost, time, and effort.

It is vitally important to be ready to make the right decision at the right time to avoid the added costs and efforts. You may never know when the right time is, so being prepared is never a bad thing. How do you stay prepared for the right decisions? Here are a four things you can do to make sure your timing is done right:
1. Anticipate. A good batter anticipates what pitch might be thrown using a handful of things such as knowing the pitcher, the pitch count, score, number of outs, and a few others. anticipating what pitch is likely to be thrown allow the batter to make a split second decision on whether to swing the bat or not.
– Know the situations that are upcoming in your life. Anticipate what decisions you need to make and the factors that will go into that decision.
2. Know your values and priorities. Certain situations will occur regularly in some form or fashion repeatedly in your life. Knowing how you should respond in these situations will guide you when it is time to face them. Your values will guide you in these decisions. I value my family and I know that work will cause me to sacrifice time with my family. When I know my values and priorities, I am prepared to make a decision on what/when to tell my family and my work that I need to focus on the other for a time. Having these discussions with my wife, children, and my boss before hand means I can make a decision without added stress.
– Have you set your values and priorities? Take time to do this now.
3. Be confident and move on. Making confident decisions at the right time takes practice and a solid mindset. You need to be confident in your ability to make the right decision. Don’t take time agonizing over past decisions. If you need to revisit it, then re-think it and change if needed. Regretting a decision will only cause you to not be ready, both mentally and physically, for the next upcoming decision.
– Practice confidence and be ready to move on.
4. Don’t do it alone. Proverbs 15:22 says, “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisory they succeed.” You need to have a good group of advisors in place before you need to make a decision. Seek wise counsel before you need it in all the areas of your life. Look to people you respect who have faced situations similar to you. Seeking mentors in all areas of you life is one of the best things you can do.
– Do you have a mentor for all areas of your life?

The Royals won tonight, which means that they made the right decisions for the game. Will you win your next decision?

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